Qantas Insurance

Existing Policies

If you have an existing insurance policy with nib Travel Services (Australia) Pty Ltd. login with your e-mail address and password to review your policy and make amendments.

Amend your policy

If circumstances change after you have purchased your insurance, it is easy to change trip details, such as destination and dates, and personal details, such as your address.

Extend your policy

In certain circumstances you have the ability to extend your policy if you are travelling longer than originally intended.

Buy additional benefits

Everyone has different needs for travel so you can easily add additional benefits to your policy.

Apply for an existing medical condition

If you wish to cover an existing medical condition you can apply for cover online. Your application will be assessed and you will be advised by e-mail whether your application was successful, and of any applicable terms and conditions.

To confirm transactions

You can print a copy of your certificate of insurance, the product disclosure statement or check that additional benefits you have purchased have been added to your insurance policy.

Cancel your policy

Your policy can be cancelled online within 14 days of receiving the certificate of insurance, provided your trip has not commenced and you will not be claiming against your policy.